Hand Me Down Movies

A podcast about the movies we grew up with and want to pass down to our kids


Hand Me Down Movies

Our Star Wars Spectacular Episode!

We finally acknowledge the space elephant (spalephant?) in the room and talk about that galaxy far, far away of wizards, princesses, heroes, villains, droids, and aliens from a thousand worlds in our very special Star Wars Spectacular episode! We love it. Will our toddler? Tune in to find out.


Our Story

Welcome to "Hand Me Down Movies"! Sarah and Peter are movie lovers and parents to a particularly precocious toddler. We grew up in the 80's, at the height of VHS and cable TV content, whether or not it was appropriate for kids, and now we face the challenge of introducing our kiddo to all our favorite movies while also figuring out what is appropriate for him.

Join us as we talk about the movies we grew up with, what we think a toddler can handle, and the challenge of moderating content when everything is available at our fingertips.

Tune in...